Greening Your Home: Is It Worth It?

Posted by Joseph Bemis // November 1, 2015

Often when we see major shifts in upgrades to the housing market, it is easy to wonder if it is a lasting change or something that won’t be worth the money and energy that goes into the project. As more homeowners begin investing in environmentally friendly upgrades, many may wonder if it is really worth […]

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Choose Hero Brother Homes for Seller-Friendly Rates! We buy Houses in Phoenix!

Posted by Joseph Bemis // October 1, 2015

Hero Brother Homes has one goal: we buy houses in Phoenix and connect our clients to the best possible profits. Endless fees and closing costs shape traditional listings, siphoning away every dollar. Even strong purchase prices become weak in the wake of financial obligations, and it becomes difficult for sellers to achieve the results they […]

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The Psychology Behind Curb Appeal

Posted by Joseph Bemis // September 1, 2015

When we talk about taking care of our home, we typically think of things like painting the house, mowing the lawns, planting flower gardens, trimming hedges, sweeping the sidewalks, painting the fence and more. Many of these aspects that we consider to be basic care are entirely cosmetic in nature, yet they seem to be […]

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Hero Brother Pays Cash for Houses in Phoenix

Posted by Joseph Bemis // August 1, 2015

In our quest to pay cash for houses in Phoenix, Hero Brother Homes must carefully – and consistently – monitor the Arizona market, examining it for sudden appreciation trends and accelerated DOM ratios. We note every rise in value, and we know you do the same. The desire to sell has led you to study […]

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How to Sell my House Fast in Phoenix!

Posted by Joseph Bemis // July 1, 2015

Learning to Price for Buyer Satisfaction You, like so many Arizona homeowners, have one question: how to sell my house fast in Phoenix? To answer this question you’ve studied curb appeal and repairs, mastered staging and de-personalization, and have even secured a realtor to shoulder the burden of paperwork and appointment schedules. These elements should […]

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Which Mortgage is Right For You?

Posted by Joseph Bemis // June 24, 2015

When looking to buy a home, one of the first considerations that most buyers need to make is what type of mortgage is right for them and their finances. There are many different types of mortgages and many builders, banks and investors have different programs to consider as well. There are many different government programs […]

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5 Ways To Find The Perfect Home

Posted by Joseph Bemis // June 17, 2015

Buying a home is exciting, but searching for real estate is difficult. The market can be overwhelming, and you might find yourself presented with what seems like an overwhelming number of options. The truth is that there is no “perfect” property. However, with the right tactics, you can find the home that is perfect for […]

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How To Keep Your Home If You Lose Your Job

Posted by Joseph Bemis // June 10, 2015

Losing your job can be extremely stressful. When it happens, you don’t need the additional worry of wondering if you’ll be able to keep your home. Fortunately, there are ways to pay your mortgage payments even when you’re struggling with unemployment. Mortgage-assistance programs are set in place for situations just like this. First, there are […]

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Hero Brother – We Buy Houses Arizona

Posted by Joseph Bemis // June 1, 2015

Hero Brother Homes has a simple philosophy: we buy houses Arizona, offering our customers quick returns and easy sales. This is a stark contrast to traditional realty listings, which demand appraisals, financing negotiations, and multiple showings. These elements combine for extended DOMs (days-on-market) and ever-growing frustrations. Our process counters these frustrations, eliminating DOM concerns and […]

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Ways to Make Your Home More ‘Green’

Posted by Joseph Bemis // May 20, 2015

Green homes provide benefits numerous to the environment, and can also help to reduce costs to you and increase the value of your home. Although there are large-scale projects you can take on to make your home more eco-friendly – installing solar panels for example – there are also small, inexpensive things you can do […]

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